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Yoga as Pilgrimage:
Sūtras for a Modern Age

Ranju Roy


Advance copies: December 2023

Limited edition, hardback copy, signed by the author: £50 (inc. P&P within the UK)


176pp full colour throughout | 190x235mm





In 2019, during a group class, a yoga student asked his teacher a simple question: what exactly are we doing?


Based on his personal experience, Ranju Roy set out to answer this question as clearly, honestly and comprehensively as possible. Lockdown gave him space to write his own ‘sūtras’ – and inspired by Patañjali - Ranju takes us on a pilgrimage which starts with our actions in the world and travels towards a sacred and connected inner space. In so doing, he shares thoughts and reflections from his own life and experiences in practising, studying and teaching yoga.


Beautifully illustrated with original watercolour artworks, these ‘sūtras for a modern age’ and the journey which follows, are the distillation of thirty years of teaching, studying and practising yoga.

This is the first venture of our new project, Sādhana Mālā Publications. We need to raise approximately £8,000 to cover the costs for printing and producing this book and are asking for your support. To help us reach our target, we are offering an exclusive hardback edition for a limited time at a cost of £50 per copy (inc. postage within the UK).

Your name will appear in the book as one of our valued supporters and will be individually signed by the author.

But please note: the paperback edition will be available on general sale in early 2024 for £20.

“This book would never have been possible without students, colleagues and teachers. They have each been fellow travellers helping me on my own pilgrimage to the heart of yoga. Writing this book has been an act of co-creation and collaboration, and I have counted on their support in so many ways over the years.

I hope that you will feel able to help us get this book over the line, and out there into the world.

Thank you!”

        Ranju Roy

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