Sadhana Mala
Yoga Therapy Course
Starting March 2024

The Course 

The Sādhana Mālā Yoga Therapy Course has been designed to be both a comprehensive training in Yoga Therapy and a journey of transformation for participants. We would urge you to consider carefully the commitment required for this journey and your readiness to meet all the challenges involved. However, we would also like to encourage you and to reassure you that we will do everything we can to support you. We are not expecting you to be experts from the outset, and trust that we will all be able to grow from this opportunity to meet, learn, discuss, practice and ultimately flourish together.

Yoga therapy is a holistic science and art which, unlike allopathic medicine, does not treat solely the symptoms of disease. The models we use are ancient, based on the Veda, and we view the care seeker as an integrated individual. A disease is seen as an imbalance of all aspects of the individual which need to be pacified. The individual’s innate ability to heal is then enabled to flourish.


The course will be led principally by Sue Chudley, building upon her extensive training and experience in Yoga Therapy from a variety of eminent teachers in this tradition. Sue will be supported by Ranju Roy and Dave Charlton from Sadhana Mala who will also bring their extensive experience of Yoga and one to one teaching to bear. We may also involve key external tutors to delivers areas of their personal expertise.

Course Structure 

The course is structured as 8 modules, each of which consists of a 4-day intensive at Millers Farm in Gloucestershire (Thursday-Sunday), accompanied by a number of supporting online live zoom sessions, pre-recorded material and assessment exercises. Students will also be guided in additional home study particularly in relationship to western A&P, pathology and allopathic treatment protocols. The formal course input will emphasise the principles of yoga therapy using traditional models from the Yoga Sutra etc, principles of Ayurveda, ideas for developing and deepening practice, and extensive case study discussion and review.

The course modules are organised broadly to address the 5 dimensions of a person as presented in the taittiriya upanisad: annamaya, prāṇamaya, manomaya, vijñānamaya and ānandamaya. This will be the overarching organisational framework for both the course and the provision of Yoga therapy. We will study the pañca maya model in detail and explore how it can be elaborated to inform our understanding of what might be addressed, its cause, practical and achievable solutions or approaches, and the means by which this may be achieved.

The course material will also be organised and focused to address the course competency areas as identified by BCYT(British Council of Yoga Therapy).

Course Dates

The first 2 modules are scheduled as followed with further dates to be confirmed

7-10 March 2024

13-16 June 2024

Please note: students must have completed the standalone introductory module Fundamentals of Yoga Therapy to join the course as this will serve as an initial module for the training


Recording of Introductory Zoom Session

We held an introductory zoom session about the course on Sat 3 Dec 2022. It includes a brief intro to the team of Sue, Dave and Ranju, and then includes information and discussion about the course and a short practice led by Sue. You can watch the recording via this link

Intro Session Recording

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