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Yoga as Pilgrimage:
Sūtras for a Modern Age

Ranju Roy


Paperback now available!!



Embodying The Yoga Sutra – Support, Direction & Space

In Embodying The Yoga Sutra, we focus on 18 of the most important sutra and show how each one illuminates the relationship between the body, the breath and the mind in a practical, clear and contemporary manner. The sutra are carefully deconstructed, put into context and then developed into ideas for practice. We examine the interplay of three key terms: support, direction and space, to further inform our understanding and application of the practice.


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Cikitsā: Yoga Therapy Training

A new Sadhana Mala course, with course director Sue Chudley, supported by Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy

A minimum 600 student study hours over 2 years starting in Sept 2023 consisting of 9 modules, each organised around a 4 day in-person retreat with supporting live zoom meetings. Applicants must be qualified teachers in this tradition (to AYS practitioner level or equivalent) and have experience of 1-1 teaching.

This course will be designed to meet the BCYT criteria and will be submitted for accreditation at the earliest opportunity.

Applications invited now.

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Featured Courses & Events

A&P April 2024 with David Wilkinson

Rattle your bones, contract your muscles and tease out your fascia. Make it a summer studying the amazing human body!

The course will give you:

* 6 Full days of tuition, practice and workshop exercises
* Full course manual
* Exposure to both classical and cutting edge theories concerning the body and movement 
* All essential mechanical principles of A&P for teaching safe, effective Yoga

This course will be run over 3 weekends at White Horse Yoga near Devizes.
Timings: 10.00-5.00 Sat and 9.30-4.30 Sun
Dates: April 20/21, May 18/19, June 22/23

Full Cost £595 but Super Earlybird £495 before 1 March!

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Viniyoga Unveiled

Some experience with Yoga, but new to this approach? Viniyoga Unveiled is just for you. This is the entry level course that provides an overview of our approach to āsana and prāṇāyāma, and discusses some key concepts from the Yoga Sūtra including the word 'viniyoga'.

The course comprises of 10 bespoke films (10-30 mins), each with accompanying handouts. Also 4 simple practices (approx 25 minutes each) that illustrate some of the basic principles.


What is Yoga/What is Viniyoga?

Dynamic and Static Postures/ Breath in Postures/ Sequencing

Introduction to Prāṇāyāma/ Ujjāyī/ Nostril control/ Posture for Prāṇāyāma

Chanting Yoga Sūtra 1-2/ Kriyā Yoga/Yoga Sūtra 1-2

Practices: Forward Bends/Backward Bends/ Twisting/ Breath and Sequences

Cost £108 

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Introduction to The Yoga Sūtra

This is the ideal way to begin your study of the Yoga Sūtra and an important preliminary before taking one of our more detailed Yoga Sūtra study courses, particularly if you are new to Sādhana Mālā and are less familiar with the Yoga Sūtra.

The course comprises of 4 bespoke films with accompanying handouts


Film 1: Background/ Patañjali/ Sūtra and Sanskrit language

Film 2: History of Yoga Sūtra/ Commentarial Tradition/ The 4 Chapters

Film 3: (2 hour Zoom session): Book 1- Major Themes/ Key Words/ Key Sūtras/ YS1.1-4

Film 4: (2 hour Zoom session): Book 2- Major Themes/ Key Words/ Key Sūtras/ YS1.1-4

Cost £65

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Definitive Yoga Sūtra Chapter 4

We are delighted to announce the fourth in our online in-depth Yoga Sūtra study series, focusing on chapter 4. The course starts on Friday 13 January 2023 and consists of 8 Friday morning online sessions.

We will explore each sūtra with word for word translations, plus analysis from the commentary of Vyāsa and added insights from TKV Desikachar, Paul Harvey, Peter Hersnack and Srivatsa Ramaswami.Each sūtra has its own handout with a breakdown of the words and key ideas from Vyāsa's commentary.


8 Friday mornings beginning 13 Jan 2023 and ending 21 July 2023. 

Timings :

10am – 1.00pm (all theory with 20min T break)

We will record the zoom sessions and they will be available at least until end December 2023.
Cost £375-425 (earlybird offers until 20 Dec 2022)
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